BackBox Linux Wiki

Consulting the Wiki

The Wiki is meant to be well organized, so that a minimum effort is needed to get the info you need. From the main page you can reach any section of the Wiki following the appropriate links. A useful search box is available on the left side of the page to quickly search for pages too.

Contributing to the Wiki

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to the BackBox Wiki. You can review it, improve it, report/fix errors, write new pages and everything you would expect from a community-written documentation. If you got excited, what are you waiting for? Go register an account!

If you have any doubt, or if you are not sure what to write about, you can always ask for support on the Forums or on IRC.

Registering an account

Thanks for considering to start contributing to the BackBox Wiki. As you are browsing this Wiki, you can see a Register button at the top-right corner of the page. Click on it and you will go through the registration procedure. A valid email address is required for account confirmation and later interaction among Wiki members.

Once done, you will hopefully be able to log in and execute basic tasks. You may still not have the full privileges to edit/create pages, though. An admin intervention may be needed at this point to unlock your account. You can ask for that on our Forum or IRC Channel.

Editing the Wiki

These are the basic things you need to know in order to proficiently contribute to this wiki.

Dokuwiki documentation

The first thing you'd want to do when you decide to start contributing, is giving a read to the Dokuwiki user manual. You don't need to read everything, obviously, but we guess you can find your way through the documentation to learn the things you need.

BackBox Wiki syntax conventions

We assume you already read about the Dokuwiki Formatting Syntax and know how to deal with basic text formatting.

When contributing, it is advisable, throughout the wiki, to consistently use some syntax conventions for varius categories of strings, such as package names, name of tools and so on. So please, take this section in mind when you write your stuff. Thanks!

Please, if you are going to associate a new category not already listed here to a certain style, take care to update the list below so that other users may contribute to the wiki keeping it neat. Try to choose an “intuitive” style which can apply to the new class of strings, also combining the four basic styles.

Here are the conventions we defined and used so far.

  • bold
    • generic emphasis (ex. Notice)
  • italic
    • program names (ex. Firefox)
    • distro names (ex. Ubuntu)
    • device/partition names (ex. /dev/sda1)
  • underlined
    • package names (ex. syslinux)
  • monospaced
    • inline commands (ex. apt-get update)
    • inline code snippets (ex. [ -f .bashrc ] && exit)
    • keyboard keys (ex. Enter)
    • GUI buttons (ex. Click here)

Best practices