BackBox Linux IRC Channel

If you're interested in chatting, but you don't know what it is all about, you can start with web interface. If you find IRC chat interesting, you can try some more sophisticated client such as Xchat, Pidgin or Gaim.

Technical Info

  • Server address:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #backbox

You can also connect to the server via the SSL-encrypted 9999 Port. SSL certificate authority downloadable from:

If you are using the TOR network, the IRC server hidden service address is: wi7qkxyrdpu5cmvr.onion

Moreover, by importing the authority certification by which our SSL have been created, you can ascertain that the SSL certificate is genuine thus avoiding any man-in-the-middle attacks.

For client configuration, read the howtos on X-Chat, Pidgin, Gaim (for Linux e Windows), Irssi (Linux command line) and xchataqua (for Mac OS X).